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On the heels of tragedy and love…

We started the band. Steve and Sarah recently married; Ryan and Sue living in the hospital. A new life together; a newborn in crisis. It was odd timing, but a door seemed to have opened. And having a silver sliver of timid certainty- that feeling to go where you’re pushed- we shook on it in the fall of 2016 and walked through the door.

That was after 10 years of collaboration between Ryan and Steve… 10 years led to one handshake. But this was different than any project before it… this was an altogether new vibe. Something was pushing us along. We put our heads together and started to work. Our folk dance, Americana-songster sound emerged, in the likes of Dylan and the Avett Brothers, of Hank Williams and Ryan Adams. It was an altogether new vibe. Our sound is who we are - a spitting image what of we stand for and what we love.